By far the easiest way to send PDF files to your
is to e-mail them once you have configured your Kindle account using the
Kindle Personal Documents Service.




(1) Log into



Click on:-


In a box on the left titled
"Content and Devices" click on:-

Your Account  

Manage Content and Devices
You can click here to go straight to this page


At the top of the white
part of the page click on:-


Scroll down to and click on:-

Preferences   Personal Document Settings


Here you will find a list of e-mail addresses for your Kindle devices


Below that, you will need to edit settings in:-

Whispernet Delivery Options
Set to "Enable"
NOTE - Amazon applies a charge for 3G transfers.
but WiFi downloads to WiFi enabled devices are free.
Set to 0.00 to force use of free WiFi delivery.
(or set a limit you are willing to spend on 3G mobile delivery)


Approved Personal Document E-mail List
Add personal e-mail addresses you wish to send from.


Personal Document Archiving
It may also be an idea to enable archiving (optional).

When set up, send your .pdf files as attachments to a device e-mail address and it will download when next you have a connection with 3G (paid) or WiFi (free).

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