Calling Home Brewers

New Competition Launched

Stockport People tasting beer & South Manchester Branch is again launching a competition for local home brewers to find up to five beers for Bar Nouveau at next year's Stockport Beer & Cider Festival.

Bar Nouveau was introduced for the 2015 Festival and features brand new beers launched at the Festival, It's proved to be a very successful feature and we will be running it again next year (the Festival dates are dates are 31 May to 2 June). There will be 10 beers, all served on a separate bar and stored in a temperature-controlled cellar to ensure optimum condition.

For the past two years we have involved local home brewers and have been delighted by the response. As before, the festival will purchase three firkins of each winning beer and the rest will be sold on to the market by the brewers concerned. If you are a home brewer this is a great chance to join in a brew day at a local brewery and also see one of your beers out there on sale to the public.

The brewers who have kindly agreed to host the winners are:

  • Torrside Brewing, New Mills (Speciality host)
  • Stockport Brewing, Bredbury, Stockport (Stout/Porter host)
  • Blackjack Brewery, Manchester (IPA host)
  • Thirst Class Ales, Reddish, Stockport (Mild host)
  • Poynton Brewery, Poynton (Bitter host)

Many thanks to these brewers for supporting the competition. Now - the beers. The five categories are quite broadly drawn so that people can use their imagination. Here's what we are looking for:

Mild - this can be dark or light, strong or weak. This is a chance to take an old beer style and run with it. Maximum ABV 5%

Bitter - session ales, ESBs, pale ales, brown, amber or blonde - the choice is yours. Maximum ABV 5.5%

IPA - while we're not style fanatics you should aim for a minimum ABV of 5%. Apart from that it's up to you - brown, red, black or white IPAs are all welcome. Maximum ABV 6.5%

Stout/Porter - again this is broadly drawn - added flavours and ingredients optional. Maximum ABV 6%

Speciality - this is where you can really go to town. Saisons, bocks, rauch biers - all are welcome. Maximum ABV 7.5%

A few things to bear in mind: Inside a micro brewery
- Although the beers will be judged from bottle they will have to work as cask beers.
Second - Think about the hops. Some go-to hops (Mosaic, Simcoe, Nelson Sauvin and the like) can be difficult to obtain. While you might be able to get 150gms for a home brew it may well be a different matter when you come to scale up to a commercial length.
Finally - The time lapse between the earliest potential brewing of the beer and its need to be on sale at the Stockport Beer & Cider Festival is 8 weeks, so inclusion of a maturation period of 6 months is not possible.

Please see the document which gives some idea about what is and isn't likely to be available commercially.

How to enter

Just email your name, contact details and which categories you want to enter to:

The cut-off date for entering is 31 December 2017 (but we won't need final details of actual beers until the end of January).

The beer needs to be ready for judging in mid March 2018 (dates to be anounced) and this will take place at the Hope, Wellington Road North, Stockport. Final arrangements for delivering your beer will be communicated to you nearer the time.