Mild Magic is an event organised by the local branch of CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale) which requires a distinctive, eye-catching motif to be used across all its promotional materials. We are inviting you to submit designs (in electronic format, see requirements below) that can be used as a letterhead, on posters and beer mats and be suitable for embroidering onto the garments presented as prizes. INTERESTED?



Mild is a beer style which needs a helping hand. To this end the Stockport and South Manchester branch of CAMRA organise a passport style trail (page detailing the 2018 event) around a number of participating pubs (we have had 100 in previous years!) stretching from Poynton to Salford and Urmston to Glossop. Participants visit pubs and get stamps in their passport, the more stamps, the more prizes. The trail will be running from 5 April until 19 May in 2019 to overlap with CAMRA's Mild Month promotion.



We would like you to prepare a unified design package consisting primarily of a logo/motif that will be embroidered on to the prize garments, plus a conceptual poster designed around this logo that will be a visual advertisement for the promotion of 'mild' as a beer style (more details here) and 'Mild Magic' in particular.


This needs to be in a common electronic format (.png, .psd) and with a transparent background/base page to allow easy overlay on other materials. Electronic formats .bmp,.gif and .jpg would also be acceptable provided that the background is a single solid colour which is not used anywhere else on the design. Beware with .jpg files as what may appear to be a single solid colour is often a palette of closely related colours, especially near other solid colours (see illustration right].

Scaling needs to be considered to accommodate these two extremes:
(a) the poster could accommodate a logo up to 200mm square and include full shading
(b) whereas when embroidered on the garments it will be around 60mm square and must have limited colours and devoid of fine details. This does not have to be a single graphic/file, one could be a simplified version of the other.

To the left alongside is the 'printed' version of last year's logo, while to the right is that used to print the garments. Click on image for full size view.

The background to this image appears white to the human eye but...

there is an almost white 'halo' around the edge!

Click on images to view full scale


This needs to be visually stunning and eye-catching, incorporate the logo along with informational text [minimum of title (Mild Magic), start and finish date and information on how to participate.] It will be printed by standard colour printing so no holographs or mirror finishes!


The logo will be required in early February, the 6th to be exact. This is to meet magazine printing deadlines. The final poster would not be required until March, but a design concept is required with the logo.



The winning design will gain you 4 tickets to visit the Stockport Beer & Cider Festival ( plus a case of bottled beers. There will also be the added kudos of your design being on posters all over the area plus around 75-100 people all walking around with a garment bearing your logo.



Stockport and South Manchester is a local branch of CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale). The Campaign was founded over 40 years ago and, with around 200,000 members, is now possibly the largest consumer campaigning group in Europe. Apart from a small headquarters staff (around 30) all the rest are volunteers.



CAMRA promotes real cask beer, real cider and tries to support pubs and breweries. It campaigns Nationally, Regionally and at Branch level by making awards to pubs and breweries. Locally we run an annual Beer and Cider Festival at Edgeley Park Football Ground (the weekend after the Late May Bank Holiday). We also produce, with some input from surrounding branches, a bi-monthly magazine called Opening Times that is distributed free to hundreds of pubs. Apart from Mild Magic, two other promotions are run: the Cider Circuit in Autumn and the Winter Warmer Wander over the Christmas period (which promotes stronger beers, old ales and porters).