Stockport Beer Week 2022

Thursday 22 September to Sunday 2 October 2022

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11 days of beer

The 2022 event is underway

Stockport Beer Week 2022 is going ahead in conjunction with Cask Marque's National Cask Ale Week and will run from Thursday 22 September to Sunday 2 October.

All events are freeexcept the beer and bus fares of course!
Here follows a quick resumé of what is happening. Full details will be published closer to the event on our Facebook [] and accounts.

Everybody has been hit hard in some way by the cost of living and this is certainly the case for pubs and breweries. The Beer Week is designed to help people get back to the pub again. We have arranged face to face events such as pub and cellar visits and a bus tour. However, for those not yet ready to go to an event, there's a Mystery Pub Challenge.

We look forward to you participating in the Beer Week to help support our pubs - if we don't use them, we will lose them.

Pub of the Month - Milliner, 22 September

We kick off with the Stockport & South Manchester CAMRA Branch's Pub of the Month award for September which will be the Milliner in Davenport from 8pm onwards, with the presentation at around 9pm on 22 September. The Milliner can be found at 179 Bramhall Lane in Davenport, Stockport SK2 6JA. The 22nd also happens to be the first day of Cask Marque's Cask Ale Week so why not join us to celebrate the Milliner's success and have a great pint?

You can also chat to Jon from Chadkirk Brew Co, one of the Milliner's beer suppliers. He produced, and the Milliner sponsored, the Stockport Beer & Cider Festival Ale - 'Milliner Brew'. The pub has proved to be a big success with locals and fellow Stopfordians being conveniently placed a 5-minute walk from buses on the A6 or similar from Davenport station. Catch a Stagecoach 378 or 379 bus and the stop is so close you could order from the bus.

For a fuller description visit the dedicated Pub Of The Month page.

Cellar Trail - 24 September

For several years September has been the month to celebrate Cask Ale. Cask might not be all drinker's go-to pint, but that might have something to do with where they tried it and how it was kept. On 24 September a number of Stockport pubs are opening their cellar doors to drinkers. Cask ale, when looked after correctly and served with a smile, is one of life's bonuses. This is your opportunity to see behind the scenes on how cask ale should be prepared, stored and dispensed in perfect condition. You will get the opportunity to quiz the cellar managers about the difficulties of ensuring that a top-class pint is handed to the customer.

Itinerary — The Cellar Trail will begin at the Boars Head off the Market Place (2 Vernon Street, Stockport SK1 1TY) at 12 noon before moving on to the, Queens Head on Lower Hillgate (12 Little Underbank, Stockport SK1 1JT) at 1pm. The final pub is the revitalised Crown on Heaton Lane (154 Heaton Lane, Stockport SK4 1AR at 2pm, well worth visiting for its large range of cask ales and its cellar. Cask beers here are dispensed using Top Extraction, a system used by a growing number of enthusiastic cellar managers. No booking necessary; come along to all or just one.

Bus Cruise - Hazel Grove to New Mills
1 October

Cask Ale Week cannot go by without the Branch's famous Bus Cruise. The one planned for 2022 has a variety of establishments serving cask ales.

One difference this year is that the route will involve both Stagecoach bus 192 as well as the Skyline 199. The starting point will be the Wilfred Wood in Hazel Grove (204 London Road, Hazel Grove SK7 4DF) on 1st October, where a breakfast or early lunch can be consumed before leaving on the 199 Heading for New Mills. The tour will include traditional tied houses, at least two free houses and a Cask Marque approved snooker club.

For those taking part, who are without a national bus pass, a 1 day ticket is available for purchase on any bus. It is called a System One 1 Day Any Bus ticket and costs £5. Avoid the Stagecoach Any bus ticket.
See for full details.


12:00noonWilfred Wood12:52pmArive earlier if partaking of breakfast. Skyline 199 to New Mills Newtown
1:09pmChalkers Snooker Club1:40pmSkyline 199 from stop opposite snooker club to Disley
1:47pmMalt Disley2:17pmSkyline 199 outside pub back toHazel Grove
2:30pmGrove Ale House2:55pmNow we are on the 192 service, which
is every eight minutes, so timings
are more suggestions than instructions.
3:00pmGeorge & Dragon3:30pm
3:40pmDog & Partridge4:20pm

We are of course at the whimsies of the bus companies but hopefully we can adjust, if necessary, on the day. If you don't want to visit every pub you may catch up on the 199 as they are every 30 minutes. The 192s as we know are officially one every 8 minutes but more likely 3 will arrive after waiting 15 minutes.

Mystery Pub Photo Challenge

For the last couple of years CAMRA has run a mystery pub photo challenge and September 2022 will be no different. However, the images this year will be slightly less pub and more cryptic to give a different edge to the challenge. All pubs will be within Stockpor'ts post code areas and will provide an additional clue for each pub where appropriate. This year we will have 6 pubs to identify and if necessary, an extra image to sort out a winner in the event of a tie. Pictures of the pubs will be published on the CAMRA Branch's social media accounts.

See our Facebook [] and accounts for last minute details.

The first image will appear on 22 September and then every 2nd day until 2 October. Send your entries as a list to Lawrence at LDEVANEY4@BTINTERNET.COM on or before the 4th October. It's all for fun but the winner of the competition will receive a case (8 bottles) of Fullers 1845 a very good bottled beer. The runner up will receive a Stockport Beer Festival T shirt. Winner will be the entry that gets the most correct answers. In the event of a tie, a tie breaker image will be published on the 5th October and then it's the first correct answer, timed by email to LDEVANEY4@BTINTERNET.COM


Mystery Pub 1 - 22 September

A premier pub in Stockport


Mystery Pub 2 - 24 September

Aeronautical impossibility


Mystery Pub 3 - 26 September

Look up and see the light


Mystery Pub 4 - 28 September

Green fingers here


Mystery Pub 5 - 30 September

See before you enter


Mystery Pub 6 - 2 October

God save my great-great-grandson

Apology for late posting, but I had a violent reaction last night to an inoculation which wiped me out.