CAMRA Discounts

There are a number of pubs in the Opening Times area that offer a discount to card-carrying CAMRA members. This is a very welcome promotion and we are very grateful to those pubs that have taken up this initiative. There are two schemes in operation, CAMRA's Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers and individual offers from specific pubs.

CAMRA's Real Ale, Cider and Perry Vouchers

When joining CAMRA, £30 worth of vouchers [individual members, £40 for joint], each worth 50p off a pint of beer or cider would have been sent along with your membership card. These are redeemable at over 1,550 pubs nationwide, including (but not exclusively) Amber Taverns, Brains, Stonegate and J D Wetherspoon managed pubs. When using a voucher you must also present your current CAMRA membership card. The vouchers also show a Valid until date so beware of presenting any which are out of date! The offer is also restricted to a pint, so don't request 25p of a half, though many pubs will honour the 50p if they also offer three third-of-a-pint tasters. There are also sometimes specific exceptions, eg not New Year Eve.

Individual offers

There are many pubs now offering discounts for CAMRA members, each with their own requirements. Some are blanket "10p off a pint", some are "£3 a pint on Tuesdays" with others being more complicated, for example "10% off noon till 5pm weekdays only".

How do I know which pubs offer a discount?

The best way to ascertain whether any individual pub offers any kind of discount is via CAMRA's national database of outlets at ( If offered, there will be one of the following symbols displayed in the Features section

  • Shows those accepting a CAMRA Voucher
  • Shows those operating their own discount, this will be described below, for example:
      30p per pint discount for CAMRA members.
      Cask ale £2.50 per pint on Thursday from 4pm

What to do if a discount is no longer offered?

In these difficult financial trading times, offers may be removed, introduced or altered at short notice. Do not demand a discount as this is a concession NOT A RIGHT!

Here are three simple steps to ensure no one else is surprised as to what discount is on offer:

  1. Log on to
  2. Use the "Send an email to the CAMRA branch with your updates." option at the bottom of the page to ensure the discount information is updated.
  3. Sit back and enjoy your pint.

This update to WhatPub is vital so that both
    (1) other CAMRA members are not surprised and
    (2) the information is current so CAMRA members can confidently rely on it [this applies to ALL WhatPub information].

So, if there is an error, "Don't procrastinate, participate"